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sergiu floroaia

Sergiu Floroaia is a Romanian stand-up comedian, comedy writer and comics writer known for his witty one-liners, musical parodies and television appearances, including Comedy Central Extra (two episodes in English and four episodes in Romanian).

Upon reading Sergiu’s one-liners one quickly discovers an amazing synergy of intelligence and vulgarity, naivity and wit, wordplay and wisdom.
As he, at many times, assumes the risk of being seen as obscene or stupid for going for the obvious wordplay, just so that he can be the first to articulate what we were all thinking. But, remember, don’t fill in the blanks with yourself, or you might get offended and start wheeping like a baby on your Facebook wall or in the comments section of YouTube.

By reading or hearing his jokes you’ll get to enjoy some meticulously engineered one-liners so subversively funny, they’ll make you (God forbid!) laugh at something inappropriate.

Sergiu started doing comedy in 2006 at an open-mic night in Cafe Deko. His early influencers were Steven Wright, Demetri Martin, Jimmy Carr and later Anthony Jeselnik.

In 2013, Sergiu partenered with Andrei Ciobanu, also a comedian, and wrote “Unu-ntr-altu'” and “Mica rugaminte”, two music parody videos that became instant hits on YouTube.

More about Sergiu Floroaia on Wikipedia and IMDB.

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